Why Do This Course?

Withdrawing from life?

Why do you walk away from people you once loved? Do the dishonest things you've done in your life still haunt you?

If you've ever been let down suddenly by someone you trusted, if you've felt the sting of infidelity committed by someone you loved, if you've been ripped off by an underhanded tradesman, then you know the pain and cost of dealing with dishonesty.

And if you have ever wondered what causes you to withdraw from participation in activities you once enjoyed, you will find the answer here.

With the knowledge in this course, you can take a decisive step toward the brightness and abundant happiness that make life worth living.

Find out:

  • The difference between personal integrity, ethics and morals
  • How right and wrong relate to your survival
  • How wrongful acts interfere with a person’s ability to survive and how to relieve oneself of this burden
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