Why Do This Course?

Trouble with school?

Have you ever wondered why you have difficulty learning new things at work? Do you have a shelf full of books you never finished?

Too many students graduate from school and college unable to put to use what they’ve learned in school. It’s not that they’re stupid or that their teachers didn’t know how to teach.

More than likely it traces back to the one thing missing from most educations—learning how to learn in the first place. We all went to school, yet isn’t it odd that no one taught us how to study?

This information can help anyone improve their ability to learn. You will learn the barriers that lie between you and your education. And you’ll learn how to overcome them.

This technology will enable you to pursue any subject with skill and confidence.

On the free online course, The Technology of Study, find out:

  • The first requisite for successful learning
  • The single most important barrier to learning and how to handle it
  • How to study a subject so you are able to apply what you learn
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